Why are tyres at BlackDonut so much cheaper?


Some items are not included balancing and fitting costs.

In order to save operation costs, BlackDonut mainly sell products via Internet instead.

Moreover, we import tyres directly form manufacturers.


Are the tyres new?

We only offer new tyres. We do not sell old stock. Our tyres are brand new products.


How do you delivery and what happen if I'm not at home? 

We delivery by our company truck not use outsource so you can be sure that your order will be delivered on time. 

In most case you will receive a phone call before delivery to make sure you are at the delivery address - If this isn't possible, the driver will leave a note and you can contact us to arrange a new delivery date.



 What is Asymmetric Tyre?

An asymmetric tyre has different tread patterns on its inner and outer sides, giving it a distinct performance advantage over a tyre with a symmetrical or directional tread.

The tread pattern on the inner side of a typical asymmetric tyre has more grooves giving better grip on wet roads

The outer side has a higher plain surface area, the benefit of which becomes apparent when cornering at speed on a dry road.

Unlike a directional tyre, an asymmetric tyre can be used in any position on the vehicle. It is very important however, to follow such wording as 'inside' and 'outside' on the tyre's sidewalls to ensure that the tyre is fitted 'the right way round'. As with directional tyres, incorrect fitment can seriously impair performance. And, again if you do use a wheel with an incorrectly fitted asymmetric tyre, it should be regarded strictly as a 'Temporary spare'. Please note:

A car whose tyres are not fitted in accordance with the instructions on the sidewall will fail its MOT

Some tyres are both asymmetrical and directional. These tyres carry markings on the sidewall which a) indicate the correct direction of rotation and b) identify the inner- and outward-facing sides. Failure to observe these instructions will impair tyre performance. The above recommendations will also apply.








Do you have any warranty for the tyres you sell?

Manufacturer's warranty is included in all the tyres we sell. If there is any promblem with your purchased tyres, please inform us at sales@blackdonut.com or 081-6198555.


Which brand/pattern is better for my vehicle?

It will depend greatly on your personal needs and requirements. BlackDonut provides detailed information about each tyre. The gauge on the key attributes of the tyre will give you a guide to the characteristics of the tyre.


Do you sell tyres with fitting?

Yes. All tyres are sold with fitting when you drive your car come to our fitting stations or BD's Head Office.


Can I buy tyres without fitting?

We also sell tyres without fitment at our website. We deliver tyres to your home with special discount.


What if I want to change my order after making payment?

Please our customer service hotline 081-6198555 and we will attend to your request. Changes to your order can be made 1 working day prior to fitment.


How do I set up an account?

You can set up an account by clicking on the register link on the top-center of our Home page.


Can I make a bulk purchase?

Please send us an email at sales@blackdonut.com, indecating the brand, range, size and quatity of tyres required and we will get back to you as soon as possible.